Introducing eSUB Cloud 2.0

Terri Thompson
3 months agoMarch 4, 2022
What I can see about 2.0 is that it is much more user friendly. Able to navigate and find information more quickly. Excited to see 2.0 in full funtion.
Daniel Guest
about 1 month agoApril 15, 2022
Terri, Of course! That is one of the main features of 2.0, increasing users' abilities to quickly navigate to important information with a clean, sleek and modern user interface!
Paul Popielarski
25 days agoMay 3, 2022
It would be tremendously beneficial to have GPS location and time / date stamp in the photo-video options
23 days agoMay 5, 2022
I am hoping we have the ability to get or customize additional detail in the cost details report.  Instead of 'this is our budget' and 'these are our total committed costs against this budget', I would like to be able to access an enumeration of the different cost entries ls that make up those total committed costs- ie, what POs, what time cards, etc.
Mike Terrizzi
23 days agoMay 5, 2022
need the ability to import projects and change project status that align better with our organization.  looks like we just added blue to the layout.
Kacey Motley
23 days agoMay 5, 2022
The change order request format seems to be company specific and not project specific. If we make modifications through Company Preferences to the COR's, it will make the same change on every project. I'm a huge proponent of standardization, however, sometimes we like to present T&M structured paperwork, as opposed to change orders. I hope this question makes sense, but it would be nice to have some Company Preferences tabs, be changeable at the individual project level.
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